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Stress Briefly Noted

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Stress Briefly Noted is an abridged Ebook version of  Release Your Stress and Reclaim Your Life. It presents a nuts and bolts summary of the nature of stress, where it comes from and what to do about it. Available in Ebook format from Amazon for $0.99.


What to Do About Violence

What To Do About Violence by [Joseph Langen]

What to do about Violence is a brief e-book about the nature of violence and how to approach it on personal, family, community and government levels. Available from Amazon in Ebook format for $0.99. 



Conversations with My Muse: A Year with Calliope by [Joseph Langen]

Conversations with My Muse: A Year with Calliope 

This account is based on my blog record throughout 2008. It tracks the events of my daily writing life and Calliope’s influence on it. I have often been asked what it is like to write full time. Some writers love their muses, some wrestle with them. Mine has always been at the ready with the exception of one brief hiatus noted above for which I take responsibility. Available in Ebook format from Amazon for $0.99.


Free Sites:

Chats with my Muse Calliope– Reflections on the author’s adventures in the writing life, personal articles, guest posts and book reviews about living in today’s world.

Joe’s Political Blog– Personal and guest posts as well as book reviews on issues related to politics.