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Will You Choose War or an Empire of Compassion?


Sometimes, we think that who we are and what we do doesn’t matter to the world.

We’ve heard that if we don’t learn from history, we’re condemned to repeat it. I’d prefer to learn.

In light of recent events, I’d like to share a story of the power of one person’s peace in the ancient world that is still impacting us now.
Listening to this story, we can always remember, peace is a choice. What will we chose today?

Excerpt from Susanna Barkataki’s article in The Huffington Post- read more

Why do we need government anyway?

man on hill

Why do we need government anyway? It seems we argue about how government should be – smaller if Republican, bigger for Democrats – but we seem to ignore the greater question about the need for government in the first place. History and philosophy provide some of the answers.

The deeper question about the need for government goes back to differing concepts of human nature. Is it capable of great virtue and concern for the common good as the Greeks and Romans believed, or is it as Thomas Hobbes described it in his book “Leviathan”: “For amongst masterless men there is perpetual war, every man against his neighbor”?

Excerpt from Rich Elfers’ article in the Courier Harald- Read more