Where Have You Been?

Image courtesy of Pixabay

The last time I posted here, I was wondering where we were headed as a nation in light of political conflict and disagreement in the country. We have maintained some semblance of normality in the Senate while the House of Representatives descends into chaos since its new configuration this month.

Electing a Speaker of the House made it clear that The House has no intention of trying to accomplish anything constructive in the near future. Recent announcements indicate that their main objective is to make Democrats look bad. They got some help this week from the debacle over President Biden’s forgotten classified documents.

I have been puzzling over the document fiasco and ha.ve some questions of my own, none of which has seen any adequate answers as far as I know.

When a document has been “removed”, does this mean that the original document has been released or just a copy?

What would prohibit someone from copying what had been borrowed and returning the document. Is there any law against this?

Does anyone keep track of what documents have been borrowed and by whom?

When someone with classified documents has their clearance ended (such as by leaving office), does anyone ask for “borrowed records” to be returned?

Is there a record of when documents are returned and by whom?

These are a few thoughts I have been having about the records controversies.

There is much more swirling in my head. I will get to work and try to make some sense of what is going on politically and how we might return to common sense.