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Toward happiness and wellbeing

Summary of psychologist Laurie Santos’ approach to happiness and well being:
1.   Happiness is possible and is about half inherited and half learned.

2.   Life circumstances do not determine happiness but do have a small influence.

3.   Taking control of your happiness involves daily effort.

4.   Recognize that intuition is not always accurate. What we imagine as true is not always so. 

5.   Very happy people make time for social connections.

6.   Treating others leads to greater happiness than treating yourself. Happier people are more generous toward others 

7.   Make time for gratitude. Keep a daily gratitude list. Share your gratitude with others. Write a letter to someone to whom you are grateful and read       it to him or her in person.

8.   Engage in regular healing practices including exercise, sleep, nutrition and social interaction.

9.   Take time to be in the present moment. Attend to what you are doing right now. Consider how you feel. Try meditation.

10. Become wealthy in terms of time by valuing your time over money.